viktor and rolf said..


last season, a big NO to fashion's hectic pace.
I'm still figuring out if i'll say NO aussi to s/s 09, which starts tomorrow in NYC.
Living in the 'other hemisphere' (the southern) , it gets specially hard to see how everybody up there is preparing for fall when i'm just starting to wear shorter hemlines and sandals. My local fashion week took place less than a month ago, but it predictively brought nothing new. Thinking of this lately brought me to wonder : should i conceive fashion as a seasonless phenomenon? What do i gain from observing clothes i'll never be able to get? (And then) Is the word 'inspiration' valuable in these cases? Finally, should i get knockoff gladiator sandals from a local designer ? (wtf, no way)

I knew these questions could lead to very complex theories and a lots of positions. Fashion itself can mean a zillion different things depending on who defines it. The key to answer my questions was to think on how it affects me in my actual circumstances, the person i am today. And all i could do then was return to a key term : inspiration.For me it IS about the inspiration i get from each look from each show. So my wish for the upcoming weeks is not related to more affordable clothes or winning the lottery, but to gain the dreamy substance which makes fashion so exciting. I may say i don't think NO as Viktor and Rolf, but MAYBE.

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